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Eau Claire County youth who drink tell us they get their alcohol from adults and drink most often at home or a friend's home. One thing parents can do to stop this from happening is to not allow underage drinking in their homes.


The Parents Connecting Directory helps connect parents who have made this commitment by providing contact information to other parents in the directory.



Make your commitment known and connect with other parents!

Print and complete the commitment form or fill it out and submit it online to be included in the fall 2012 directory.


Please note: 

  • Directory information will only be shared with Directory participants.
  • The Parents Connecting Directory will now include the information for families across Eau Claire County.
  • Updates of the directory will take place each Fall. Changes in information may be submitted until October 1st.
  • Membership in the Parents Connecting Directory is continuous throughout the child’s school career. You may opt out of the network early via email or phone.


Next Steps:

  • Have frequent short talks about what you expect from your teen and their d ecisions about alcohol.
  • Actively state and enforce a clear, consistent message for all teens that there will be NO USE of alcohol in your home.
  • Tell your teen that you joined Parents Connecting and discuss it with them. Explain that being connected  with other parents is an important way for you to protect them.
  • Make sure alcohol in your home is stored so teens can't get it. Lock it up if possible.
  • Get to know your teen's friends and their parents.
  • Welcome a phone call from other parents who have also made a commitment not allowing those underage to drink. Parents working together can build a stronger safety net.
  • Encourage other parents to join this effort. Getting more people involved will cut down on the feelings of isolation.